The Guide To Margate

The Guide To Margate



A social enterprise based cafe in Westgate, Margate. Our aim is to provide both a space and a livelihood for people to develop new skills, practice existing ones, and grow within the community. The Purple Podd is not only a living and growing business; it's also used as an educational centre for various organisations across the town. We seek to include the people of Westgate into the aims of The Purple Podd, using our experience and abilities to make the town a better place than when we arrived.


The 2001 census also recorded the economic activity of residents aged 1674 in 34 separate categories, This is Margate ( The most common occupations given were 23. 8% elementary 17% services, 12. 1% professionals, 11. 7% sales and customer service 9. 1% transport and communications, 7. 6% process, plant and machine operatives, 5. 6% clerical administrative and senior officials; 4. 5% skilled trades workers; 3. 4% composed of routine occupations such as clerks; 3. 2% associate professional and technical occupations; 3.

2% intermediate occupations which includes some semi-routine jobs; 2. 9% agriculture; 1. 5% managers, directors and senior officials. The Isle of Wight has a long history of tourism, which has kept many of the small villages and hamlets alive; fresh milk, for example, is often brought in from the mainland by barge every day. Visitor numbers reached a record 7. 5 million in 2003; there were 733,000 holiday visitors that year, two thirds staying in self-catering accommodation (which is especially popular with young families and pensioners).

The island is particularly well known as a destination for vintage caravans and motorhomes. The 2001 UK census recorded the economic activity of residents aged 1674 as 14. 1% in full-time employment, 7. 2% in part-time employment, 4. 5% self-employed, 1. 6% unemployed, 2. 8% students with jobs, 3. 2% students without jobs, 12. 9% retired, 9. 6% looking after home or family, 6. 8% permanently sick or disabled and 2. 7% economically inactive for other reasons.

In the 2001 UK census, Ipswich was named as having the highest number of unemployed people of any district in England. A government report published in 2004 discovered that one quarter of children in Ipswich were living in poverty. The climate in Margate is typically cool and cloudy with a below average amount of sunshine. The summers are usually warm and the winters cool. It is also more humid than London or other parts of Kent.


In the 1960s a dual carriageway was built along the seafront, and in 1970 the Chalkwell development was completed. This comprised seven large tower blocks overlooking the sea, each with its own leisure centre (including swimming pool). The whole area is now better known as the "Golden Mile", and, although several of the high-rise buildings were demolished in 2004, some remain, notably Concorde Tower on Ocean Boulevard which closed in 2004 after a fire but was reopened on 10 October 2006.

Work to replace Concorde Tower with retail and leisure facilities started in 2009. The Isle of Thanet is covered by BBC South East Today and ITV Meridian for regional news coverage. The main local commercial radio station in the area is KMFM Thanet (formerly Fever FM). In the town centre, there is also a local radio station called Beacon Radio 97. 3FM (formerly Centre FM), which only broadcasts to Ramsgate and other towns nearby (mainly Margate, Broadstairs, Westgate, Deal and Manston), and it has its own local team of presenters.

Isle of Thanet News has a high proportion of articles about crime in Margate (then reports that crime has gone down the following year, though this is just as likely to be due to increased police patrols). It is generally written with good news in mind (for instance, they give prizes to local schools), but it has mixed the good and bad fairly. Also, its advertising-based funding means that stories can come across as biased towards advertisers.

The Margate Crier, "created in 1999 by staff of Thanet Advertiser, owners Northcliffe Media (IoM)", claims to be the largest selling weekly paid-for newspaper, with a circulation of 3,600. It is widely available in newsagents and shops. Another free newspaper The Litten Tree and its sister website Thanet Today was launched in 2011 by Clive Jones, but has since closed down. It could happen to anyone. There are plenty of deckchairs, but no changing facilities or toilets.

Further Reading

W. C. Oulton. was the well-known local historian of Margate. " This book is a short guide to the town and its environs from around 1820, including then-contemporary drawings of various British and continental attractions. It also includes early photographs that provide a glimpse into 19th century beach tourism in the area. St Mary's church and the lighthouse at Ramsgate. There is further reading (below) on this subject that you may wish to explore.


The current MP, Roger Gale, and the outgoing MP Laura Sandys are members of the Conservative Party. The outgoing MP, Laura Sandys, was elected in 2010 as a member of the Conservative Party and as a member of the Conservative­-Liberal Democrat Coalition Government won that year's General Election. In 2015, she stepped down from Parliament before the next General Election on 8th May 2015 and did not stand as a candidate. North Thanet was created for the 1983 general election, mostly replacing the former constituency of South East Tonbridge and Malling.

The seat was held by the Conservatives until 1997 when it was gained by Labour under Colin Burgon with a majority of 876. Burgon was re-elected in 2001 but lost his seat to Roger Gale at the 2005 General Election, who has held the seat since. Since 1983, the Member of Parliament for South Thanet, covering southern Thanet. has been the Conservative, Laura Sandys since a by-election in 2009. At the 2017 General Election, in South Thanet the Conservatives won a majority of 6,387 and 50.

Historic Sites

Aside from the county hall and other public buildings, there are a number of historic sites in Chelmsford. The parish church of St Mary's has been the centre of the town since at least Anglo-Saxon times. It became the principal church for the town in Norman times, and has celebrated its thousandth birthday. The only surviving Saxon part of St Mary's church is the tower; all the other parts were rebuilt in 1878 in Perpendicular style by architect J Harwood Dixon .

St Peter & St Paul's church dates from about 1125. Its original Norman doorway remains intact. There are two other Saxon churches: All Saints'Church on Springfield Road and a ruined church dedicated to Saint Giles near Blackwater. Colchester Castle, which is on the west side of the castle green, was built in 1076 by William the Conqueror; it has been besieged, destroyed and rebuilt several times. It has a dramatic history including sieges by King Stephen and Queen Mary during the civil war between Matilda and Stephen.

The castle was rebuilt in 1538 but has now been converted into a private home by the Landmark Trust. There is a large stone commemorating the parliaments of England and Scotland meeting in the Market Place in November 1600. There are s many craftsmen's houses including the old Brewery and that of the King's Head Inn, which was once a school. Tring once had a small brewery located in the High Street. Its three storeys and attics were built early in the 18th century, of which two storeys and the basement survive.

It is now converted into offices. 0% of the vote. Labour won 34. 4% of the vote, and United Kingdom Independence Party 5. 3%. North Thanet is represented by two Members of Parliament, with the majority of the area falling within the North Thanet parliamentary constituency and a small area near Ramsgate centred around Platt forming part of the South Thanet constituency. Articles, books, websites and other references of interest are presented here for your convenience and to encourage friendly discussion.

Local Media

The Isle of Thanet Radio station, 96. 1 Viking FM is based in Ramsgate and broadcasts local news, travel and community information for the Isle of Thanet area. Other local radio stations include Heat Radio, BBC Radio Kent, Gold (formerly Saga 105. 2), Heart Kent on 96. 6 FM, and Capital FM on 104. 8 FM. In October 2005 the BBC opened a new broadcast centre at The Warren, close to St Laurence school in west Ramsgate.


A fine and interesting description of Margate in the early 19th century, with considerable detail concerning the many curiosities which were to be seen there. The author stated that 'he had availed himself of every opportunity from his earliest years to make himself acquainted with everything remarkable in nature, as well as art, that could be observed within a circuit of thirty miles'(p. 3), a claim borne out by the work. Google Books. A bit of a change in direction, this article takes you back to Ramsgate's heyday as a seaside resort in the 18th century.

You might have heard that Margate is a seaside town in Kent which gets battered by stormy seas and floods all the time. But these days it is pretty quiet, tucked away as it is down the coast from London. It was once much bigger than it is now, though — so I thought I'd tell you about when Margate was at its peak. There are two local television stations that broadcast from the area ITV franchise partner Television South presents three TV programmes on ITV Meridian and ITV Anglia; whilst Channel Four's production centre is located in Maidstone near Medway.


Sport in Margate revolves almost completely around football, Margate being home to two separate clubs as well as a number of renowned youth football academies. The oldest of these clubs is Margate F. C., currently members of the Southern League Division One South and East. Although the club has played at numerous grounds, including Croydon Road, Priory Road and Folkestone Road, they have been based at The Hartsdown ground since 1926. An offshoot of the main club was founded in 1997 which collapsed in 2010; it had effectively become a feeder team for the first team.

The second team is Kent Football United (KFU), who were founded in 2009 as Thanet Excelsior by members of Thanet District Council. The KM Group titles are held by the KM Group Ltd, part of Kent Regional News and Media Ltd, which purchased them from Daily Mail and General Trust on 6 December 2005 for £10 million. The group publishes six paid-for weekly titles and one free weekly title in Kent: the Thanet Extra, Dover Express, East Kent Mercury, Herne Bay and Whitstable Times, Deal & District Echo and Dover Express Weekly.


a neat little box about 7 feet long, 2 1/2 feet wide, and nearly 2 feet deep. It is moveable in every part, and covered with a dark green cloth;. the bathing machine is drawn by two horses, who are led. the bathing boxes are placed on a small truck, which moves on castors. Every article of dress is put into a separate box.

One of the earliest accounts of health tourism in Margate was given by Daniel Defoe, in 1724. He noted that the waters were pure and milder than those at Epsom. People came from considerable distances to sample them, as well as the breakfasting facilities available at the coffee shop run by Richard Twining. One of the earliest examples of a folding deck chair was invented here in 1823 by Thomas Lawby. Improved bathing machines were introduced to Margate Sands in the 1830s.

In 1860, Dr Stebbing built a pump house, designed to pump sea water on to the beach, and the use of bath shelters began in 1870. This Article is about the Tourism in Margate. The words "Tourism" and "Travel" are synonymous terms have long been a passion for visitors to Margate. Locally caught seafood is advertised in many restaurants and fishmongers, as well as on menus that sell sea food dishes from around the world.

Until 1997, Margate had a unique claim to fame. It was served by its own heliport operated by Heliguide Ltd. The Red Arrows, who have been based at RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire since 1968, make an annual appearance in the skies above Margate in support of the charities Redbubble and SSAFA. Each bathing machine is a little. brick house in which a number of persons can bathe out of the reach of all but the biggest waves, and from which they can be let down and raised again by ropes.

By Bus

Trains from London Victoria run to both Dover Priory (2. 5 hours: one per hour, operated by Southeastern) and Ramsgate via Canterbury West and Ashford International respectively. Both require a connection on the London road network, although Thameslink is building access directly into London Victoria from mid-2018.  A faster option than the trains are National Express buses, but more expensive. There are also coach services provided by National Express, which operates from London Victoria to Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs via Canterbury.

The X-Tra service runs hourly over this route with a journey time of about two hours, This is Margate ( By coach. National Express coaches connect London Victoria Coach Station to a stop outside Margate tube station. In summer 2020 this only runs once a day. National Express Bus NX022 takes three hours from London Victoria via Canterbury to Margate, continuing to Ramsgate. Very little is known of the history of this first mill, which was destroyed by fire in 1812.

By Train

Aldington, Alkham, Birchington-on-Sea, Bridge, Broadstairs, Burham, Canterbury East, Chalkwell, Charing, Deal (through service change there for Dover), Dymchurch, Eynsford, Faversham (change there for Milton Keynes), Folkestone Central & Hythe (change for the Romney Marsh area and Ashford International), Herne Bay, Hunton Bridge (for Whitstable), Isle of Sheppey Central (for Queenborough & Sheerness), Kingsdown (for Deal), Manston Airport(for Channel Islands), Margate Central (_ _ 2 __ __ but used to be direct to Ramsgate until 2014 or use the dedicated Ramsgate transfer bus .

Take the train from London Victoria to Ramsgate. You can buy tickets onboard, and (scalpers permitting) this shouldn't cost much more than £15-£20 return. If you have only a week in which to explore, then the best way to see it all is by taking one day on the coast, visiting Margate's Dreamland fairground and gardens as well as the historic houses of Sandwich, and another day leisurely following in Jane Austen's footsteps around the pleasant town of Faversham.

". By bus.  National Express runs an express service from London Victoria coach station via Maidstone, Ashford and Canterbury to Whitstable. There are also regional buses from London (some via Tonbridge), Faversham, and Sittingbourne—check the Kent County Council site for details. The south coast route is mainly single-track and will always take longer than the direct rail. For those without a strong sense of adventure, there is the option of London to Kent by train and bus (though there is plenty to see between London and Dover Priory station).

Trains from London Bridge run every 30 min via Greenwich, Woolwich Arsenal, Charlton, Lewisham and Bromley South (for Orpington). The route is shorter than the route by Victoria but less frequent. By coach. National Express coaches leave London Victoria Coach station every hour. You still need to change at the above mentionned Rochester. The journey is twice as long. In the 12th century, three windmills are mentioned in records, with one close to the sea and two on the hill that dominates Margate, called Buxton's Hill or Town Hill.


The 2G mobile signal is very poor in Margate, if you have a 3G mobile and want to use it as a modem for your laptop or just ability to make calls then Vodafone is good. T Mobile might be spotty depending on your area in Margate. EE tends to be the best coverage wise from my experience. Back in late 2015, I worked at a company for six months which was based near Margate, Kent.

At the time, they were still in the process of building out its cellular network infrastructure. For a company, this means that mobile devices often had difficulty connecting to the network. Telestial is a 3G and 4G mobile network operator in the United Kingdom serving the Isle of Wight. It is a subsidiary of Vodafone who purchased the licences for the Isle of Wight from the UK regulator Ofcom in June 2012 and started services on 4 May 2013.


I'd avoid the pubs here if your'e male. I spent a couple of hours having a few beers and a chat, and got was extorted 1200 baht for leaving my bag in the bar. The waitresses convinced me to leave it, and then threatened me when I went to get it back. On another occasion when I was looking for accommodation, I woke up beside the road bruised and with my phone stolen. If you want to play it safe though, I can highly recommend Pascale's Cliff Resort.

The staff are friendly, its quiet, secure and has stunning views over Chalong Bay (although it is a bit of an uphill walk from anywhere else). It is managed by Pino's in Nai Harn. Possibly the most entertaining thing about Sydney, whether you're at a pub, party or in a park, people watching is garanteed to keep you entertained. The majority of people are friendly and often curious to chat with foreigners. There are currently 2 mobile companies operating in the Margate area, as well as a number of MVNO's.

Get Around

Get around. Margate has a traditional seafront, with a clock tower, pubs, bingo halls, and amusement arcades. A 6-mile (10 km) sandy beach can be reached by bus from just outside the railway station. The nearby Westgate-on-Sea provides a quieter alternative and there is a Blue Flag award-winning beach next to the harbour at Ramsgate. Get around Margate has a traditional seafront, with a clock tower, pubs, bingo halls and amusement arcades. The town centre, which contains most of the high street shops and other services is easy to get around on foot, although this option will be less attractive if the weather is wet or particularly cold.

Get around. For an English seaside resort, Margate is surprisingly awkward to get around. The bus station is miles away from the beach, on top of a grassy hill in the middle of nowhere — but not as far away as it used to be since the extension of the Thanet Way. South of the pier are the South Bay and North Bay (or Little London), both of which have been redeveloped in recent years with new bars, restaurants and clubs.


Once one of the busiest resort towns in the UK, Margate is now best known for its Victorian and Edwardian seafront architecture and sandy beaches. The Turner Contemporary art gallery occupies part of a converted silk mill on the Riverhead. The Dreamland amusement park, and a bandstand are visited by thousands of tourists every year. Margate's two piers, the North and South piers, are linked to the town centre by Victoria Parade. The beach is one of the main focal points of the city, with a promenade home to many small businesses and amusement arcades.

The landscape of the beach is entirely man-made; the seafront buildings are atop huge cliffs. Some of these houses are built in what was formerly the public open space behind the seafront, and many were sold to their occupants by Blackpool Council. There is also a modern pier. Margate Harbour has recently undergone regeneration with the attraction of Sea Life Centres, Santa's grotto, ice rink, bowling alley and several other attractions. Margate was a major fishing port and trading place until the Middle Ages.


Margate is at or near the bottom end of all English local authorities in terms of the proportion of elderly living alone, with less than a quarter of its population being single pensioners. In terms of ethnicity, the 2001 census found that 97. 2% identified themselves as White with 1. 7% being classed as Asian and 0. 6% as Mixed race. It also stated that there were 2. 3% who were from other ethnic group backgrounds; 1.

4% from India and Pakistan and 0 % from other southern countries such as Africa and Caribbean. The largest minority ethnic group represented was people classed as Other White a main contributor to which were British Asians such as Anglo-Indians and White British Gujaratis originating from former Indian states. There are a few parks  around Margate, two of which are right in the town centre.  The biggest one is the Promenade with a nearby sea front and arcades, which is quite nice.

The other is Crampton Tower, a local park that has been around since before I was born, but also features a big castle you can climb to get some cool views of Margate and Christ Church Cathedral. There's a tiny little town in the UK called Margate. It's not much of a tourist destination (in fact, it's quite run down), but it's the first place in the UK to have 4G, and averages download speeds of 36Mbps on Vodafone.

It lies opposite England's most popular tourist destination: Margate sands. Do you live in Margate, want to improve the mobile signal strength of your phone, and are tired of relying on portable wifi hot spots? While there is no magical solution, creating a free home cell booster might not be as hard as it sounds. As is common with 4G and Metro-Fi expansion, coverage has come to Margate in stages since the end of 2017.

The non-Plusnet mobile networks have struggled in the area for a long time, mainly due to its coastal location. There's good news if you happen to be on the East coast of England. [Sckipio] has a new report out that shows which cities will have 4G by Jan 2021 and where the gaps will be. A traditional seafront, with a clock tower, pubs, bingo halls and amusement arcades. Get around. Margate has a traditional seafront, with a clock tower, pubs, bingo halls, and amusement arcades.

Two Days In Margate; Where To Eat

Walk down Margate sands and youre almost expecting a scene from an old 1950's holiday film to jump out at you. Brightly coloured deck chairs lined up in neat rows, kids digging their toes into the sand, while their parents watch them from under a shady parasol soaking up some vitamin D. Meanwhile, ice-cream sellers pull their carts between sunbathers and families stroll along hand in hand, leaving twinkling footprints in the early morning dew.

A south Londoner myself, Margate has always been on my must eat list. In fact, most British people had heard about Margate long before they knew it was a place in Kent. That’s because it’s probably best known for Krill Ketchup. yes, the ketchup is made from small crustaceans, which are not actually insects but rather more closely related to shellfish.  A little light headed now, eh?. If you’re in need of an old-fashioned British seaside holiday with plenty of ice cream and candy floss, then Margate is your place.

Its narrow streets are lined with quirky cafes and shops selling English classics such as tea pots and rocking horses. Admire the colourful beach huts or head to the famous wooden pier, which first opened in 1872. Ive found myself in Margate three times during the last year. Well, not really though Margate is just my excuse for a mid-week beach trip! During these three trips, I have made a few discoveries that I can now share with you.