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The below certificates are ones that you earned for various reasons. After adding a certificate, please make sure if it is a different type from the other certificates that it is separated by two new lines in between (not just one new line at the end of the row, please). You will have to add a new line in between each award or certificate. The documents below are any additional documents that this site has worked towards (eg ISO 9001 Quality Management System or OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety), is part of (eg SafeContractor, CIWM) or has won (eg Sustainability and Resource Awards or Investors in People).

03/2014 Sustainability and Resource Awards London Winner for the category of 'Sustainable Food Business'(Chosen by an independent judging panel), This is Margate ( If you’re making the trip midweek in the summer months, don’t be surprised if you can barely find a parking space. If you want an escape from the city, you cant get more remote that this. The pristine beach is best used for lazing around and enjoying the sun. Autumn however presents the ideal balance of sun, windy days and not-too-much rain.


The above licences are held by this site to enable certain activities that have the potential to affect the environment. The EA’s role “is to protect and improve the environment, helping to keep people and wildlife healthy”. Therefore the licences required ensure Fugro complies with environmental regulations for operating equipment such as tracked vehicles. Environmental Permitting allows the Environment Agency to permit businesses to carry out activities that have the potential to pollute the environment.

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Recycling is one of the best ways to protect the environment and reduce your rubbish. Recycling means that matter can be reused rather than just being thrown away. Margate Recycling Centre is provided for householders to deposit and recycle household rubbish. Check opening times before setting off to site. A free council run service to help you recycle rubbish. There is no charge for using the scheme but a tip fee will be payable for large trucks and lorry containers to dispose of their loads.

The Household / Recycling Centre is being provided by the Council to satisfy a European Directive, which demands that Landfill Disposals are reduced by 35% by the year 2006. The recycling centre, which is based in the car park at Blackrock Park on Heys Road, is open from 7am to 5pm every weekday and from 7am until 9. 30am on weekends. The Margate Recycling Centre is a Waste Facility which allows residents to recycle food waste, cardboard, steel cans and glass.