Reason To Move To Margate

Reason To Move To Margate


Lots Of Festivals

You’ll find a packed diary of events and festivals during your stay in Margate. The resort town has a lot to offer its residents and visitors. You can enjoy marvellous events like the Margate Spring Festival, Shark in the Park, Dreamland Jazz Concerts, Margate Food and Drink Festival, Winter Wonderland Margate, The Big Draw to Hall by the Sea, National Lido Gala Day at Dreamland and more. There found many festivals, including the oldest regatta in the country, over 260 years and counting.

 The festival season in Margate begins in spring with   Margate Carnival, which has been running since 1920 and is among the country's biggest street carnivals, This is Margate (  In summer there is a carnival for people of all ages taking place on the sea front every weekend. There are currently 16 festivals taking place in Margate during the summer of 2016. Some are unique to the resort; others are UK-wide or even international in nature. The largest, as one might expect, is on the high street – Margate Dreamland, running for 10 weeks from late April to mid August.

People, this part is for two things. First, the beaches can be reached by a scenic walk from the town centre and the promenade around the outskirts of Margate also provides a great perspective on the place. Secondly, while planning your trip please do not miss to book an event or a festival. One of the things I love most about Margate is the fact that there are lots of festivals, street events and things going on.

It's not just a great place to live but it also feels like it's part of something bigger, this is a mini-community with plenty going on. The holders of these licences use various methods (for example, prevention, control and water treatment techniques) to manage the risk posed by pollution from their trade effluent. To view the licences click on the link below. To get more information about how your business can get a licence or environmental permit, contact the Environment Agency on phone This is Margate (

The People

People are so friendly. Yes its dirty, yes it’s full of tourists and yes it’s much more expensive but you can have a good day out at one of the theatres or walk on the promenade and it is always nice to hear lively conversation which you get at cafes. "The people are lovely. People say that about St Lucia too but we have pensions coming in here that have been here for four decades.

The people have always been friendly. They're the salt of the earth," says Simons who has lived in the town for about 27 years. You can't beat the support that the local people give, they are really nice and friendly and I am proud to call Margate home. "To me its got everything here. I love the people, they have a laugh and always make you welcome," she said. Its still warm enough to wear shorts, t-shirts and flipflops.

And Has Hosted Some Massive Names In Music

I’d like to tell you a little bit of the history of The O2 and how it developed in Margate. It’s not really known for its musical history, but throughout the past two decades, Margate has changed from a romantic fishing village to a vibrant tourist destination. Below is an article about how The O2 became what it is today. We’re not just a bit of a mumble either. In total we’ve had over 110 acts grace our stage.

The first and last time this happened The Rolling Stones played Margate’s Dreamland and then the Castle was demolished 4 days later. We are also the only festival to have ever hosted both Keane and Def Leppard on the same bill. But Margate isn’t just home to music: it was the birthplace of the hovercraft and one of England’s top 10 wedding destinations. Take a look at this infographic to discover even more about Margate.