Moving Away From London

Moving Away From London



When Alex and I headed to Brighton in search of the best vegan restaurants we were super excited. As always, our excitement was heightened by the fact that we were going on a new quest together. Travelling to Brighton gave us a chance to bond over our shared adventures and love for a good vegetarian (or vegan) meal. Proudly veggie, Brighton has some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the UK; with most offering vegan options too.

Being in Brighton has one other advantage there are plenty of opportunities for making money online, especially if you're an outdoors person, This is Margate ( The most common way of making money online is to get paid to take surveys.  These can be a good source of passive income and they dont require much effort from our side as companies send them out by email regularly. I tend to visit Brighton in Autumn. As a Northerner I know Spring and Summer in Brighton are too hot (hotter than London) and wet.

West Wittering

West Wittering is one of West Sussex’s most popular beaches. Every day in the summer, theres a steady stream of visitors strolling down the track from the village along the edge of the golf course to this spacious and sandy beach. Beyond the beach, you can walk and explore an extensive shingle bank with lots of different bird species also listed free parking nearby for those who don’t enjoy the nature and tranquility of sitting on a deckchair.

At the top of the cliffs, look out for the warning signs to keep your dog on a lead. There’s a steep drop here and even the most obedient pooch may get carried away with excitement. The South Downs Way runs past West Wittering’s southern boundary, allowing walkers a chance to stretch their legs and soak up some spectacular views over Chichester Harbour. Heading west from Chichester you'll soon reach the coastline of West Wittering.

This superb and unspoilt shingle beach is not only a great place for a beach getaway but it's also an ideal destination from which to enjoy the great outdoors. West Wittering Beach in Chichester is set within a 30 hectares country park, designated an area of outstanding natural beauty and one that boasts an award winning nature trail for those wanting to take long walks or spot some wildlife. West Wittering is a small, unspoilt and secluded coastal spot in West Sussex.


Hastings is a seaside town in East Sussex, on the south coast of England. Although the earliest known settlement in the area dates back to the Iron Age (c. 1000 BC), it is first recorded in history as part of the kingdom of Wessex in 928. It was established as a town in 1068 by William the Conqueror, who built two castles here; – the remains of which, together with other fortifications can still be seen today.

Hastings received its charter in 1389 and grew prosperous with the fishing industry. The famous Battle of Hastings took place nearby on 14 October 1066, and it was here that William defeated King Harold II. Hastings is a vast stretch of open sand and flotsam that, when the tide is in, becomes a mirror image of the rolling storm clouds and sea spray overhead. The beach is beautiful; the waves hit against the beach with such force that they are sometimes loud enough to drown out children’s laughter.

The sound of trees rustling in the breeze and birds tweeting above you provide an additional ambience to a visit to this wonderful seaside resort town near London. It’s not just the beautiful coast line that brings people to this South East coastal town, it’s also the excellent fishing opportunities. Hastings has been an important port for almost 1000 years. Established in the time of William The Conqueror, as a town with a castle and port in 1066.

The fishing industry has always been strong in Hastings with its fleet of beach launched fishing boats, some of which are over 100 years old. One of the most popular beaches in Europe and a favourite with families, Hastings has a pebble and sand beach and plenty of rock pools to explore. With exciting facilities including water slides, a funfair and promenade entertainments, this is the perfect place to spend a summer day by the sea.

Hastings is one of England's most popular and favourite seaside resorts and a holiday destination for the young at heart.   It’s the southernmost seaside resort in East Sussex (5 miles from the Kent border). In 1066 when William the Conqueror invaded England, Hastings was his first stop. Hastings Old Town has a history going back over 1000 years and definitely worth a visit. You will find the local museum, the world famous White Rock Theatre in the oldest (1518) building on the High Street, the remains of Hastings’ first castle and a 900-year-old church.

Mersea Island

This small Suffolk village, with its grand church and flint buildings, holds many surprises – including a top-notch café and a wonderful but little-known natural gem: Mersea Island. Described as ‘the perfect spot for a day picnic’ by the Daily Telegraph and full of wide open spaces, sandy beaches and the chance to spot dolphins, birds, fish and marine life in the many estuaries that thread throughout the area. With no bridge or car crossing to the island itself you have to head out on one of the many boats (many of which are hired onto those adventurous enough to take them on).

It feels like a trip back in time as you meander through channels of calm water under iconic wooden pylons. If the prospect of visiting Clacton doesn’t excite you, take a trip to Mersea Island instead. This short crossing from Colchester makes for a relaxing day out and the island is packed with delights; from picturesque cottages, traditional pubs and the stunning Elizabethan Manor House, to white sandy beaches and English country gardens. If you’re heading east, make sure you pick up the A1303 towards Harwich – it’s a bit of an undiscovered gem and is home to some amazing restaurants as well as the seaside village of Mersea Island.